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Monique van Zuylen & Peter Kadletz — Minted

Monique van Zuylen


Peter Kadletz


Flying into Seattle: SeaTac Airport

Seattle–Tacoma International Airport is 30 minutes south of Seattle. You can reach the city via Lightrail, ride share, or rental car.

The Graduate Hotel

Boutique hotel just a five minute drive from our venue. Fantastic restaurant and accommodations, highly recommended by our friends who have come to visit!

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Silver Cloud Inn

This hotel is a block away from our venue. This is a pretty standard hotel, nothing too special, but it's clean, has AC, is close to lots of dining and shopping, and requires no uber to/from the venue. Please note, the Silver Cloud Inn does not provide hotel blocks during July (peak travel season).

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Higher End: The Edgewater Hotel

This waterfront hotel is on our staycation bucket-list. Location right on the Puget Sound waterfront, this hotel is just a block from Pike Place, has incredible dining options, and some of the best views in the city. If you're looking for a fancier stay, check this place out.

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We are still working on hotel blocks - but options appear to be limited

Sorry for the delay :) many Seattle hotels do not provide hotel blocks during peak travel seasons (July) - check back next week!